Angus McDonough
Biographical Information

Human (Formerly)
Zombie (Currently)


Real Estate Tycoon



Relationship Information

Blaine DeBeers (son)
Unnamed (father)

Portrayed By

Robert Knepper


2, 3

First Appearance

Zombie Bro

Angus McDonough was a recurring character on iZombie  for the first three seasons, but was promoted to the main cast for Season 4. . Angus is the father of Blaine DeBeers. He first appeared in Zombie Bro.

Early Life Edit

It's unknown most of the history of Angus but he seems to dislike Blaine's grandfather, whom he had committed to hospice and whose real estate empire he took over.

Angus arranged for Blaine to tend the Wharton School of Business, and provided Blaine with startup capital for a 'widget' he was working on. When the product failed, Angus cut his son off financially; inadvertently leading Blaine (who was already a party boy) to go from using to drugs to dealing. Thus it is Angus who is inadvertently responsible for Blaine getting into crime.

His relationship with his son consists of who has the upper hand to manipulate the other. Blaine hates his father because of what his father did to Blaine's grandfather, and the fact Angus allowed Blaine's nanny to abuse him as a child. Angus later admitted to abusing Blaine personally; stating Blaine was miserable because he beat him, and he beat him because he was miserable.

Angus seemed to be rather neglectful of his family; it is said he did nothing to aid his suicidal wife, and didn't bother to lock up the pistol with which she took her life.

Season 2

In Max Wager, Major froze him with another two zombies which appeared in the episode.

In The Whopper, Blaine discovered Angus is "alive" but frozen, so he negotiated for his body. This was due to Angus having his will say that if he died of a mysterious death everything he owns goes to Blaine's old babysitter who tortured Blaine mentally when he was young. Angus was last seen being tortured by Blaine's employees Chief and Candy Baker, whom he had previously had harmed while antagonizing his son.

Interestingly, Angus believed Blaine didn't have the stomach to torture him personally; despite all the other things Blaine had done.


  • Blaine DeBeers: Blaine is his son with whom he has a manipulative relationship; he has been a customer's of Blaine's "brain business" as well as running it for a very brief time.
  • Don Eberhard: Rescuer turned business partner.


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