The Chaos Killer is a Seattle serial killer. Major Lilywhite is coerced into becoming the Chaos Killer by Vaughn Du Clark. Vaughn wants all zombies destroyed to protect Max Rager's reputation, and is aware of Major's zombie-detecting ability. He hands Major a list of suspected zombies, found by searching for people with large purchases of hot sauce, hair dye and tanning sessions. Vaughn gives Major an ultimatum: track down any actual zombies on the list and kill them, or Vaughn will kill everyone on the list starting with Liv Moore.


Major using a tranquilizer gun equipped with horse tranquilizer kidnaps the zombies, but hides them in a chest freezer instead of killing them. Vaughn eventually finds out and takes the frozen zombies back to the Max Rager lab to experiment on them[1].

  1. Salivation Army

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