Eliza Marquette is the Marketing Executive at Max Rager and the murderer of Holly White.

Season OneEdit

After a skydiving 'accident' in which Holly White gets impaled on a tree, Eliza and the rest of her co-workers feign ignorance. However, unlike the rest, she was actually guilty. She was jealous because her (ex) boyfriend consistently cheated on her with Holly as well as another male co-worker. She poisoned the alcoholic drink before the jump, thus causing Holly's death. She berates Liv for attending Holly's wake and that is her last appearance. Like many high l-standing Max Rager employees, she received a memo talking about Super Max's violent episodes. When Clive goes to apprehend her, she had obviously ran away quickly and quietly as her quinoa was still in the oven. It has not been mentioned whether or not she has been caught.

Mr. BerserkEdit

Although not psychically appearing, she is mentioned numerous times in this episode. After Vaughn Du Clark's assistant, Adele, reveals herself to be the whistle-blower, Vaughn sends Sebastian Meyer, a Max Rager hit man after the two of them and he kidnaps them both from a Plates class. Liv wakes up on a boat in Lake Washington with Meyer and Adele. Meyer kills Adele immediately and throws her into the water with concrete tied to her leg. Liv eventually escapes but provides an alternative theory to Eliza's disappearance, Rather than fleeing because of the cops due to her murdering Holly, Max Rager sent Sebastian Meyer after her and (like Adele) was thrown into the bottom of Lake Washington.



Season 1Edit


  • It is unknown if she was ever caught or if she was murdered by Max Rager.
  • Although she worked for him, she was never seen talking to Vaughn Du Clark or any high ranking officials.
  • She received the memo regarding Max Rager's violent outbursts.
  • Her boyfriend was bisexual and cheated on her with a male and female co-worker.