I, Zombie Issue 05
300px-I, Zombie Vol 1 5
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  • The Remains
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I, Zombie Issue 04
I, Zombie Issue 06

This is the fifth issue of the first volume of IZombie.

Synopsis for "The Remains"Edit

Diogenes and Horatio bury Claire out in the woods, but Nemia and her vampire pals find it soon afterwards. John Amon asks Gwen Dylan to team-up with her, and Gwen goes home to think about it. Scott and Vincent Tan, who has learned that Scott is a were-terrier, play video games and then head over to Dixie's Firehouse. There, they run into Gwen, whom is not happy that "Spot" has revealed his secret. She then leaves and bumps in to Horatio. Horatio walks Gwen home and they talk, finding that they have a lot in common. However, Gwen gets an eerie feeling when Horatio tells her that he is a "Hunter" for "the Corporation", and suspects that he is a monster hunter.

Appearing in "The Remains" Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Bloodsport Paintball League

Other Characters:

  • Dixie
  • Frederick Harris (In a vision)


  • Green Pastures Cemetery
  • Dixie's Firehouse



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