I, Zombie Issue 15
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  • Going Down
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I, Zombie Issue 14
I, Zombie Issue 16

This is the fifteenth issue of iZombie Comics.

Synopsis for "Going Down" Edit

The quiet town of Eugene has suddenly gotten very loud. Gwen and her friends have their hands full when a whole mess of zombies roams the streets, but these aren't nice and cuddly zombies like Gwen. And when the Dead Presidents get to town, things get really complicated. Meanwhile, just what has Galatea been making from all of those dead bodies she's been stitching together down in her secret lab?

Appearing in "Going Down" Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Phantasm (in picture only)
  • Mr. Walters (First appearance)


  • Eugene,
  • Portland



Notes Edit

  • This issue features posters on the wall of Mr. Chimp's room that feature Michael Allred's other creations: Madman, and Red Rocket 7.
  • The Comic Convention in Portland features his other creation, the Atomics.
  • The last four pages of the story are about "The Dead Presidents".

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