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I, Zombie Issue 17
Publication Information
  • 3
  • 17
  • Falling
Publication Guide
I, Zombie Issue 16
I, Zombie Issue 18

This is the seventeenth issue of the IZombie Comics.

Synopsis for "Falling" Edit

The Dead Presidents and the Fosser Corporation try to take care of the zombies over-running Eugene, while Ellie stumbles across, and takes care of, a newly-awakened Francisco. However, Horatio, now knowing that Gwen is a zombie, takes off with Diogenes. Later, Gwen runs into John Amon. She takes a sip of his water, and has a flash of memories - her own! She realizes that before she became a zombie, Amon caused her to kill herself...

Appearing in "Falling" Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Zombies
  • Galatea
  • The Brain of Valentin Kovsky
  • Komandir Koschei

Other Characters:

  • The Dead Presidents
  • Fosser Corporation


  • Oregon
  • Eugene



Notes Edit

  • This issue features posters on the wall of Mr. Chimp's room

that feature Michael Allred's other creations: The Atomics, Madman, and Red Rocket 7.

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