I, Zombie Issue 19
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  • Staying In
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I, Zombie Issue 18
I, Zombie Issue 20

This is the nineteenth issue of the IZombie Comics.

Synopsis for "Staying In" Edit

The National Guard, with the help of the Dead Presidents and the Fosser Corporation "Gravediggers" seem to have Eugene's zombie situation under control. However, Gwen Dylan feels that it may not be safe for her to roam the streets, so she locks herself in a crypt, but she is worried that her memory will soon be gone. Meanwhile, "Spot", in light of his thoughts about Gavin Dylan during his recent near-death experience, decides that maybe he's gay, and goes on a date with Gavin - who happens to be gay. During their date, however, the fall asleep. The mysterious old-time crime-fighter the Phantasm enters into Gavin's body. When they awake, Gavin is oddly-different, and "Spot" has no clue why...

Appearing in "Staying In" Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Zombies

Other Characters:

  • The Dead Presidents
  • Fosser Corporation "Gravediggers"
  • Phantasm


  • Eugene



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