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Season OneEdit



  • Blaine DeBeers: Blaine was his boss.
  • Major Lilywhite: Julian was an antagonist in Major's life.
  • Luta: Luta also worked for Blaine, making them co-workers.
  • Cissie: Cissie also worked for Blaine, making them co-workers.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Pseudo-Immortality: Being trapped in a paradox between life and death, Julien does not belong to both and thereby unfettered with the limitations of either (i.e. fatality).
  • "Zombie Mode": When in danger or in the midst of a violent confrontation, Julien's zombie characteristics fully surface, causing his eyes to turn into those of a zombie and allowing him to perform incredible feats.
  • Enhanced Strength/Agility: When in "full blown zombie mode", Julien's physical strength and speed are enhanced.


Season 1Edit