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Lieutenant Suzuki
Biographical Information
  • Lieutenant
Cause of Death
  • Unknown (as a human)
  • Blew himself up (as a zombie)
Killed By
  • Unknown (as a human)
  • Himself (as a zombie)
Portrayed By
  • Hiro Kanagawa
First Appearance
Latest Appearance

Lieutenant Suzuki was a recurring character on iZombie. Suzuki worked as Lieutenant at the Seattle Police Department, Clive Babineaux's boss.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Pseudo-Immortality: Like the other zombies, Suzuki can take a lot of bullets without feeling pain.
  • "Full on Zombie Mode": When in danger or in the midst of a violent confrontation, Suzuki's zombie characteristics fully surface, causing his eyes to turn into those of a zombie and allowing him to perform incredible feats; he gains access to enhanced physical strength and speed. 


  • Hunger for Brains: Since he is a zombie, he must feed on brains at least once a month to keep his humanity and survive, otherwise he becomes "dumber" and more like a proper zombie.
  • Adrenaline: A zombies abilities are triggered by adrenaline. Making it hard to control and hard to hide.



Season 1:

Trivia Edit

He realized that with Blaine's business gone, he will have to kill innocents for brain himself and chose the easy way out.

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