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Season 2
General Information
  • 2
Number of Episodes
  • 19
  • October 6, 2015 - April 12, 2016
Premiere Episode
Finale Episode

iZombie was renewed for a second season on May 6, 2015 and was scheduled to air in the fall. The season aired on Tuesdays at 8/9 central, after The Flash, beginning on October 6, 2015 and ending with a two-hour finale on April 12, 2016.



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  • On April 20th it was revealed via Rahul Kohli's twitter that both seasons 1 and 2 will be available in Blue Ray on July 12th, 2016.(Source)
  • On March 31st, 2016: It was revealed that iZombie had been nominated at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards for ChoiceSciFiTVShow‬.(Source)
  • On May 1st, 2016 it was announced that iZombie is now available in the U.K. through Netflix.(Source)
  • On May 5th, 2016, it was revealed that Michael Wale (who was in charge of cinematography for the episode Zombie Bro) had been nominated for a Leo for Best cinematography in a dramatic series. (Source)
    • And on this same day (May 5th, 2016) it was also revealed that Amber Trudeau, Malin Sjostrom, Corey Roberts and Rebekah Bak were nominated for a Leo for Best Make-Up in a Dramatic Series for the episode Method Head .(Source)
  • On May 28th, 2016, it was revealed that the iZombie Make Up Team won a Leo for said work on the aforementioned episode. [1]
  • Rob Thomas  revealed that as of May 1st, 2016, iZombie is now available in the U.K. (Source)


Olivia Moore: TBD

Clive Babineaux:


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Blaine DeBeers:


Major Lilywhite:



Season 2 (2015–16)



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U.S. viewers
14 1 "Grumpy Old Liv" Michael Fields Rob Thomas October 6, 2015 3J5901 1.53[21]
Three months have passed since Liv turned Blaine and Major back to normal with the last remaining cure. As a side effect, they can now detect other zombies. Major is working as personal trainer. Blaine is running a funeral home which provides a source of brains for his clients and a cover for his Utopium dealing business. Liv remains estranged from her mother and younger brother for refusing a blood transfusion to avoid being discovered. She consumes the brain of a cantankerous old man who had made plenty of enemies among his neighbors. Together with Detective Clive Babineaux she can track down the murderer. Ravi is out of the tainted utopium from the night of the boat party which he needs to produce the cure, so Liv asks Blaine, who tries to find out who had cut the utopium. Liv's new roommate, Gilda, is working for Vaughn Du Clark and is secretly spying on her. Vaughn plans the release of the new Super Max and must deal with the zombie problem. When he learns about Major’s special ability, he makes him work as his zombie killer, threatening to kill Liv if he refuses.
15 2 "Zombie Bro" John Kretchmer Diane Ruggiero-Wright October 13, 2015 3J5902 1.22[22]
Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a frat pledge captain. Liv's consuming the frat guy's brains makes her feel more outgoing. Ravi asks Major to help him acquire some utopium to gather some first-hand experience on its effects, which ends with a bad low, and Major becoming addicted to the substance. Meanwhile, Blaine is expanding his utopium trade in his effort to control the city, but his unseen rival Stacey Boss retaliates by killing his dealers. Blaine then approaches the zombie District Attorney Floyd Baracus to go after Boss who demands the money needed to bribe the police and judges. Blaine then approaches his estranged zombie father Angus, a businessman, who agrees to give Blaine the money needed, but Blaine demands more which is Angus' entire company. Also, Liv's attempts to approach Major are unsuccessful.
16 3 "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle" Jason Bloom Kit Boss October 20, 2015 3J5903 1.29[23]
Liv and Clive investigate the murder of Taylor, a rich housewife who once had an affair with Vaughn. The leads point to a murder-for-hire contract and Liv, after consuming the dead Taylor's brain, becomes more fashion obsessed and lady-like to the baffled Clive. Meanwhile, Major is still hunting and vanishing zombies for Max Rager, and is seduced by Gilda, who is revealed to be Vaughn's daughter and whom Liv is still unaware about her secret alliance with the enemy. Major continues using utopium while keeping it a secret from Liv. Meanwhile, Peyton returns to town and announces to lead the new task force against the utopium trade. Peyton reconciles with Liv, Major and Ravi. When Taylor's husband Terrence plans to take revenge on Vaughn with a hostile takeover of Max Rager for his tryst with his wife, Vaughn feeds him to his previous scientist, now a zombie.
17 4 "Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues" Matt Barber Deirdre Mangan October 27, 2015 3J5904 1.47[24]
Liv and Peyton reconcile. The murder investigation of a strangled woman turns Liv into a passionate country singer. FBI Agent Dale Bozzio is investigating a series of unsolved missing person cases (all of which are zombie-related). She is also interested in Clive. Blaine is wondering about his disappearing zombie customers, too. He collaborates with Peyton and gives her information about Boss' utopium trade, in exchange for immunity. Furthermore, Blaine catches Preach who was responsible for tainting the utopium at the boat party, but when Preach does not want to give away his secret recipe, Blaine turns him into a zombie, knowing that he will have to come back for brains. Major's utopium use takes its toll on him and he eventually turns to Liv for help.
18 5 "Love & Basketball" Michael Fields Bob Dearden November 3, 2015 3J5905 1.43[25]
A children basketball coach is shot while working as security guard. Clive and Liv investigate, as Major takes over the coaching. Preach cuts the "boat party" utopium for Blaine, who has it delivered to Ravi. Preach dies when he desperately wants to be cured and erroneously injects himself the tainted utopium, which makes it clear that it was the wrong cut and the cure will not work. The new researcher of Max Rager wants an intelligent zombie specimen. Faking a kitchen accident, Gilda steals a blood sample from Liv. Dale found the astronaut's hair in the sink at Meat Cute. Clive calls Suzuki's widow whether he was suicidal, which first causes trouble at the precinct, but then she finds some brain in her freezer. Major reports the zombie suspects as negatives to spare them, and breaks up with Gilda who is becoming suspicious. He also disposes of his utopium. He wants to be back together with Liv, but at first she is afraid she might accidentally turn him into a zombie.
19 6 "Max Wager" John Kretchmer Graham Norris November 10, 2015 3J5907 1.40[26]
Harry Cole is murdered over rigging college sport gambling. The investigation leads Liv and Clive to the barber, who is the city's bookie. His barbershop is also frequented by Mr. Boss, who visits Peyton to threaten her to stop her investigations against him. From examining her information, Boss also knows they all came from Blaine. Clive goes on a date with Dale when they meet Major. He learns about the FBI investigations on the missing persons which are the zombies he is disposing of for Max Rager. Ravi discovers that condoms cannot protect against the zombie virus, so Liv and Major cannot have sex. Blaine's father takes over the business after discovering Blaine is no longer a zombie. Blaine kills his beloved grandfather to use his brain to weaken his father and reclaim his business, but in the end, Major captures Blaine's father and freezes him.
20 7 "Abra Cadaver" Viet Nguyen Justin Halpern & Patrick Schumacker November 17, 2015 3J5906 1.17[27]
Clive and Liv investigate a murder at a magician convention. Blaine asks Liv to help him find out about the disappearing zombies. They break into Dale's apartment and look through her evidence collection. They also find an unopened letter stating the brain in Suzuki's freezer was human, and change it into cow brain. When Liv delivers the faked report, she is seen by a woman who later leaves an anonymous note. Major is struggling with Liv's mood swings. Peyton tells Blaine that Boss knows he gave her the inside information about his organization. Ravi breaks up with his girlfriend Steph and tries an advance on Peyton.
21 8 "The Hurt Stalker" Michael Wale Sara Saedi December 1, 2015 3J5908 1.55[28]
Regina Summer is murdered with Clive's gun, so he is suspended for the investigations. He was dating her before Dale, but dropped her when she started to stalk him. She had left a scrapbook of photoshopped pictures at Dale's doorstep, as she was jealous of her. Regina's brains make Liv act jealous, too, and Liv finds the text messages between Major and "Rita". The new Super Max drink makes the zombie test subjects faster and stronger, and when Vaughn drinks it for his workout, he becomes very aggressive, too. When Liv tries to retrieve Regina's album from Chief Price's car, where he hid it to save his marriage as he, too, was involved with Regina, she is caught and lands in jail. Ravi can get her out and they trace the murder to a couple who had hired Regina as wedding planner but then she started another affair with the fiance.
22 9 "Cape Town" Mairzee Almas Diane Ruggiero-Wright December 8, 2015 3J5909 1.37[29]
"The Fog", a vigilante crime fighter, is murdered intervening the mugging of Mary Contreras, a mobster money courier. The other "superheros" tell Liv and Clive that The Fog wanted them to prevent a weapon shipment for Mr. Boss. Blaine asks Liv to save Drake, a fatally wounded drug dealer of his, by turning him into a zombie, as Drake is the only one who knows about the tainted utopium for the cure. He tells them that his friends Vic and Larry were smuggling the drug when they were caught by Boss's thugs, killed, and buried near the Jensen water tower, with the drug still inside their bodies. Major meets a woman in a bar who was an upscale prostitute and turned into a zombie by one of her clients, Blaine, who keeps her working as a zombie prostitute for brains. She wants to commit suicide, but Major convinces her that he will freeze her until a cure is available. Under the influence of The Fog’s brain, Liv disguises as vigilante and tries to bust the weapon shipment herself, but is stricken down by Mary. Mr. Boss saves Liv by shooting Mary and once again gets away by covering up his involvement with the events. In the end, Liv breaks up with Major, and Ravi finds that his cured rat has turned back into a zombie.
23 10 "Method Head" Mark Piznarski Kit Boss January 12, 2016 3J5910 1.17[30]
Ravi explains to both Major and Blaine that the cure is only temporary and they sooner or later will revert back to zombies without more of the cure, so they need to dig for the murdered drug couriers with the tainted utopium inside, without success. Meanwhile, Clive and Liv investigate a murder on the set of Liv's favorite zombie TV show. With Boss' organization hit by the D.A., Blaine's funeral-brain delivery business is running well, but Dale is investigating against him and begins to make the connection to Meat Cute. Also, Vaughn sets up a test for Major's allegiance, which Major passes, as he planted a listening device on him beforehand.
24 11 "Fifty Shades of Grey Matter" Mairzee Almas Deirdre Mangan & Graham Norris February 2, 2016 3J5911 1.43[31]
A librarian and author of an upcoming erotic novel is poisoned. Liv and Blaine investigate. Blaine gives Peyton more information about Boss and they sleep together. Dale tries to find the "Chaos Killer" by GPS-tracking the dog of one of his victims, so Major has to get rid of Minor. Dale finds evidence that make her suspect that Blaine is the Chaos Killer and arrests him, but Peyton asks her to set him free as he is her star witness against Boss. However, the information that Dale presented makes Peyton suspicious so she asks Liv about Blaine and is devastated when she learns the truth. Drake ends up in Liv's bed.
25 12 "Physician, Heal Thy Selfie" Zetna Fuentes Talia Gonzalez & Bisanne Masoud February 9, 2016 3J5912 1.43[32]
When Mr. Boss sends three of his men to kill DA Baracus, he kills and decapitates them and goes into hiding. Their bodies are found in Lake Washington without the heads, so Liv can get no clues from their brains. Instead, she eats the brain of a vlogger. When Mr. Boss meets Blaine at the funeral of his nephew, he demands his profits from the boat party, with interest. Blaine learns that Peyton knows about Liv and the zombies. Peyton wants to resign, but her request is turned down as the DA is missing. The police investigates about the chaos killer and learns about a utopium turf war between Boss and a new cut called "Lucky You". Liv finds out that it is distributed by Blaine when she sees Don E. in a vision. Vaughn also figures that Baracus is a zombie, despite of what Major had told him. He blackmails Major into finishing his job and Baracus ends up in his freezer.
26 13 "The Whopper" Michael Fields Rob Thomas February 16, 2016 3J5913 1.25[33]
Still digging for the utopium couriers, Ravi and Major unearth the body of Corey "Big Fish" Carp, a pathological liar and criminal, who was working for Mr. Boss. Through her visions, Liv uncovers that Big Fish had killed the utopium couriers, Vic Parisi and Lonny Evans. When Don E. and Drake were looking for them, Big Fish shot at Drake before he was killed by Don E. and buried in the same field. The gun buried with Carp was also used in an unsolved drug-smuggling related murder. Clive finds the previous suspect, Terrell Johnson. When Mr. Boss learns about Johnson's location, he sends Drake to kill him. Don E. and Chief catch Major when he went after a zombie customer of Blaine's. Blaine demands to know who hired him as the chaos killer, but Major won't tell. However, he offers to bring back Blaine's father who had disinherited his son in the case of an unnatural death, and Blaine tries to force his unfrozen father to change the will. Finally, through Liv's vision, Ravi and Major find the location of the buried drug dealers with the tainted utopium.
27 14 "Eternal Sunshine of the Caffeinated Mind" Jason Bloom Kit Boss February 23, 2016 3J5914 1.45[34]
The death of the owner of Ravi's favorite coffee shop, 'Positivity', leaves Liv seeing the bright side to everything around her. Meanwhile, the newly-found tainted utopium does not cure Ravi's rat. Drake is revealed to be undercover for the police. Shortly after losing his sense of taste, Blaine finds himself killed by Mr. Boss who found out Blaine was working against him with the DA. However, Blaine resurrects as a zombie. Finally, Liv discovers that her roommate Gilda is Rita, Major's alleged lover.
28 15 "He Blinded Me... with Science" Dan Etheridge John Enbom March 22, 2016 3J5915 1.21[35]
While investigating the murder of a research scientist who was recently demoted at her job, Liv and Detective Babineaux are shocked to learn where she had been employed. Meanwhile, Blaine pays Ravi a visit at the morgue, and Liv discovers something new about Drake. Lastly, Vaughn du Clark confronts Major.
29 16 "Pour Some Sugar, Zombie" Mairzee Almas Diane Ruggerio-Wright March 29, 2016 3J5916 1.25[36]
Liv consumes the brain of a recently murdered stripper and uncovers some extremely useful information. Meanwhile, Blaine isn't quite himself lately, and Ravi makes a startling discovery. Lastly, Major and Ravi are helping Peyton move back in with Liv when she receives a surprising phone call.
30 17 "Reflections of the Way Liv Used to Be" Michael Fields Bob Dearden April 5, 2016 3J5917 1.07[37]
Liv consumes the brain of Bailey Barker, a type-A, ambitious, hyper-competitive and driven student near the top of her class, who is everything that Liv used to be as a human. Detective Benedetto reveals to Liv that he recruits students to be confidential informants to help him track the supplier of Lucky U. Blaine continues to deal with his memory loss. Meanwhile, Major convinces Ravi to help him inject the zombie cure into Vaughn. Liv has a vision of Bailey buying drugs from Steve the snack bar cashier. They deduce that Steve is the prime suspect, but before they can reach Steve, Benedetto arrives at Steve's place first. Benedetto is attacked by the Chief while gathering evidence. The Chief kills Steve. At the end, a witness comes forward to Agent Bozzio to identify Major as the prime suspect in the Chaos killings.
31 18 "Dead Beat"[38] John Kretchmer John Enbom April 12, 2016 3J5918 1.36[37]
Major is arrested after the tip-off to being the Chaos Killer. Liv tries to help out Major to supply him with brains before he turns with 48 hours and becomes a zombie. Agent Bozzio and Babineaux attempt to link Major with other crimes after another witness comes forward to reveal that he sold Major weapons used in the deli massacre months earlier. Ravi is finally forced to tell Liv the truth about Vaughn blackmailing Major into being his zombie-killer, but when they head to the warehouse where Major is keeping his sedated victims, they are gone... having been taken away by Vaughn's henchmen. Major deals with the sleazy lawyer Brant Stone, who has been hired by Max Rager Corp. to represent him. Meanwhile, Blaine continues struggling with his memory loss despite skeptic views to if his lost memories are real or fabricated. Liv is finally forced to tell Babineaux the truth about who she is and about Major's position to plead with him to get him released before he turns. Using a legal loophole, Babineaux has Major released on a technicality which puts him at odds with Bozzio who ends their professional and personal partnership.
32 19 "Salivation Army"[39] Michael Fields Bob Dearden April 12, 2016 3J5919 1.22[37]
Liv, Major and Babineaux infiltrate a party thrown by Vaughn to celebrate the purchase of Max Rager by a private military contractor, Vivian Stoll. While they try to gain access to the basement to free the Chaos Killer zombies, a few employees mix utopium and Super Max starting a zombie massacre. Meanwhile, Mr. Boss learns that Blaine is still alive and has Peyton kidnapped to force Blaine to turn himself over. Blaine and Ravi plan a daring rescue, but Blaine single-handedly engages and kills Mr. Boss' men, leaving a dismayed Ravi to witness Peyton embracing Blaine. Back at Max Rager, Liv, Major and Babineaux free Rita to get her to help, but Vaughn shows up and messes their plan. Liv and Babineaux manage to free the prisoners, but Liv is forced to kill Drake who has turned into a Super Max zombie. Major traps Vaughn to be killed by zombie-mode Rita, and shoots Rita. In the climax, Vivian Stoll's army shows up, leading Liv to the discovery that they are zombies too, and have nefarious plans to establish Seattle as international Zombie HQ.



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