• Aphrodite017

    Hi guys. I am new at all this, but not new as a fan of iZombie. I love that show, especially Blaine and Liv. Two of these characters are most entertaining and funny, and as long as there are people who doesn't like Blaine as a character, I know there are some who loves him. I am one of those who loves Blaine DeBeers and Olivia Moore.

    So the question of this article is: What would be IF Blaine and Liv were together?

    Honestly I think they would made the most entertaining and funniest couple in this show. Now not to mention how Liv think on him as an enemie, I know that there could be some possibilities for her to see him for a change as a different person. The Blaine, character, played by David Anders, is funny, cold, friendly, entertaining, t…

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