Hi guys. I am new at all this, but not new as a fan of iZombie. I love that show, especially Blaine and Liv. Two of these characters are most entertaining and funny, and as long as there are people who doesn't like Blaine as a character, I know there are some who loves him. I am one of those who loves Blaine DeBeers and Olivia Moore.

So the question of this article is: What would be IF Blaine and Liv were together?

Honestly I think they would made the most entertaining and funniest couple in this show. Now not to mention how Liv think on him as an enemie, I know that there could be some possibilities for her to see him for a change as a different person. The Blaine, character, played by David Anders, is funny, cold, friendly, entertaining, the same way as Olivia Moore, played by Rose McIver.

So my thoughts, opinion, on the relationship between Liv and Blaine could be possible. Why I think that? Both of them have that sparkle in their personalities that connects them constantly. Liv is loyal person, loyal friend who is always there to help them around, while in other hand, Blaine doesn't have loyalty. He is stubborn and greedy, but also whatever he is doing is mostly for fun. Lets take for an example his bussines line. Always makes sure delivery gets to the costumer. There is also that loyalty card, we, some of us, thinks he does not have. The loyalty to his costumers is always important no matter what he is up to, he also makes sure everyone gets what they want. Liv has the same bussines card as Blaine. Eating the brains is also a good thing when she knows she can help to find the persons killer, and to solve the case. Also when Blaine asks Liv for help to find the 'Chaos killer' of the zombies how police would not suspect on them, Liv knows it would nit be right for her to let that happened cause she is one of the zombies. But also there is that sentences that Blaine uses to made Liv's mind to help in season two episode 7.

"Help us Zombie wan kenobi, you're our only help."

That's three things I found interesting, and a good thing between those characters, and that is also my opinion WHY Blaine and Liv should be together.
Zmb206a0265bjpg-9b3f39 765w

"Help us Zombie wan kenobi, you're our only help."


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