Hello! :) My name is Audrey, and I'm an avid iZombie fan! The only other admin here, Foreverwitchy is inactive since 2015. I have spent quite some time working on maintenance of this wiki, including the fact that the Season 2 page was horribly out of date (I added a complete table with the Season 2 episodes), and there were no pages for the recent episodes. I created all of the required pages, and edited the rest with images etc..

I have also cleared the "Pages without categories" section and added proper categories to each one, and also updated the Template:Stub and the Template:Delete so it's easier to use, and looks better on the wiki! On top of all that, in terms of categories, I added the appropriate categories to each of the Season 2 pages that I had made, and the previous ones that were lacking proper ones but instead had mispelled ones.

As well, I have added the synopsis/plot for each of the upcoming episodes from a reliable source, so that users can be ready for their favorite show! I am now in the midst of making a "Spoiler Warning" template to place on any upcoming episodes, so users aren't surprised by the plot/synopsis and upset (for those who like to have the whole thing a surprise when it comes out).

I have also been making sure the pages look good, as well as the Infoboxes as late, and keeping this wiki up to date and clean.

I am going to put in an adoption request to allow myself to become admin on this wiki. I can check daily here and have a pretty big load of admin experience around Wikia, being a head admin on Gossip Girl and admin on Pretty Little Liars, so I know what I'm doing! :P <3 If I do end up adopting, I will probably host an admin contest to find new people to help me as well; especially since iZombie is coming back for Season 3!

Thank you! :)

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