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Wally Tuttle-Reid
Wally Tuttle-Reid
Biographical Information

Human (formerly)



Cause of Death

Shot in the head

Killed By

Carey Gold

Relationship Information

Caleb Tuttle (father), Anna Reid (mother)

Portrayed By

Mataeo Mingo



First Appearance

Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother

Wally Tuttle-Reid was a minor character introduced in Season 3. Clive Babineaux knew Wally because they lived in the same building.

It is later revealed in Zombie Knows Best that Clive arrested Wally's father after he hit Wally's mother. After his father was arrested, Wally started spending more time with Clive as he was now a 'father-figure' to Wally.

Wally was the reason that Clive became interested in the series Game Of Thrones.

Wally was found murdered in Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother along with his mother and uncle on the orders of Carey Gold.

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