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Wally Walker
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The Exterminator

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The Exterminator

Wally Walker (not to be confused with Wally Tuttle-Reid) was a character on IZombie who debuts in Season 1. He was murdered by entrepreneur, Marvin Webster. His murder was placed on Gus Smith, a homeless man who took his phone and shoes but this was later proven false. He was portrayed by Matt Anderson.

Season 1:Edit

He is first mentioned by Peyton on the case she's prosecuting. She thinks that Gus Smith a homeless man killed him. Liv later convinces Clive to take the case because she knows that Gus is innocent. Wally was killed by Marvin Webster who in addition to being an entrepreneur was a hit man and thus made Liv a sociopath. Peyton was angry at Liv for stealing her case but Liv showed indifference. Marvin Webster was hired by Wally's lawyer because Wally owed him lots of money. Later, the lawyer ran over Marvin Webster to avoid paying him.


  • Marvin Webster: killer, also deceased
  • Unnamed husband
  • Unnamed daughter


Season 1 :1/13


  • He shouldn't be confused with the other Wally
  • He was murdered in a park
  • He owed a lot of money to his lawyer who paid for a hit man and then his lawyer killed the hit man, Marvin Webster.


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